The Hospital of Kythera was founded on 25.06.1957, thanks to the Kytherian benefactor Nikolaos Triffyllis.





The Hospital operated as a private-law legal entity until 1959, when it was taken into the public sector. In 1989, after reforms, the hospital was integrated into the National Health System (ΕΣΥ). The aim of the hospital is to provide primary and secondary healthcare facilities to the residents and visitors of Kythera and Antikythera.








In order to cover on a permanent basis the healthcare expenses on the island, Nikolaos Triffylis drew up his 10494/26.6.48 Will and Testament, according to which he donated all of his assets to establish a charitable foundation under the name THE TRIFFYLIO HOSPITAL OF KYTHERA, aiming to build and operate a hospital in Potamos village in Kythera.








Many other Kytherians contributed to this great initiative with notable donations: P. Panaretos, M. Semitekolos, Kassimatis bros., L. Megalokonomos etc. The Fundraising Committee, which was set up specifically for that purpose, completed its work quickly and inaugurated the hospital on 21.5.1953 in Potamos village, on the land that P. Panaretos (Nikolaos’s nephew) had donated for the project.








Nikolaos Triffylis died in May 1955. Since March 2014, the General Hospital of Kythera has moved to a new and modern building of 3.000 m2, on 1400 m2 of land that was donated by the Monastery of Saint Theodoros. The vision of prominent citizens, eminent scholars, intellectuals, doctors and the people of Kythera came true.