1.    Our vision is to constitute:


  • An operational model of public Hospitals in Greece.
  • A prestigious institution with an excellent working environment.
  • A benchmark of high-standard healthcare services.


2.     Our aim is to:


  • Provide high-standard healthcare services
  • Ensure equality among our patients
  • Be an excellent employer
  • Ensure transparency in decision-making, transactions and the financial management of the hospital
  • Develop societal engagement and tackle modern social challenges
  • Offer lifelong learning and training to our employees
  • Invest in new technologies and practices


3.    Our values and principles:


Values ​​and principles that staff must adopt to support the realization of the vision


  • Team Spirit
  • Empathy
  • Humanism
  • Solidarity
  • Equality
  • Quality
  • Accountability